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PCC Certified Life & Business Coach

About Coaching

The benefits of having your own
Life Coach -

Mastery—A Life Coach’s education focuses on the knowledge specific to understanding skills and techniques that will help you learn about yourself.

Competence—You will  gain a good understanding of what is possible in your life, and how to achieve that potential through insights, accountability and results.

Motivation—The collaborative process of being coached will give you the momentum it takes to develop and sustain positive, life altering choices.

Achievement—Through your Life Coach’s guidance you will gain the awareness to detect destructive patterns, and to proactively replace them with patterns of success.

Investment—Working with a Life Coach is an investment in yourself or in your business.. It is an efficient way to reach  goals and to move forward.

Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.

International Coach Federation

“Her technique was both natural and powerful. In no time, I found myself making positive and significant changes. My world transformed very naturally. Patricia’s support, kindness, and extraordinary training and experience, allow her to create change and possibility in a profound way.…She has a natural gift which is a rare find.”

— Shelagh F.
Madison, Wis.